Excitement of excitement

A group of musical instruments welcomed inside the ship. Pianos, flute, and saxophone are spreading the rhythm to the players. They are playing in their play A few steps away from the main gate, welcomed the inside of an incognito man. Like the ancient man, he has been a hornet. Increased the hand and said, ‘Welcome’. Thanks to him, the corridor looked forward to the front and saw the magician Valki. I went to the extent of seeing the king and the queen, they were dancing in a beautiful body. Height 8-10 feet. Later, I knew that they are artists, so this is the height of the height!

The ship left the jetty at just five o’clock in the afternoon. Understand the cabin in auction. My cabin was on the fifth floor. A few of the 13 storey studios below are a little less rent. Bangladeshi taka four thousand taka

Woke up afternoon Need to say goodbye to the sun during the day. I left the bag and went to the deck. Surprise and sunrise on the sea is a spectacular sight and the second! So whatever else, the sunset in the evening can not be missed.

The ship is blowing in the Baltic Sea. The distance from Helsinki is rising a little bit. Before going out of sight, I saw a second eye in the Finnish capital. Greenhouses Helsinki It looks good to see the houses standing high above the head. At the same time, the White Church stood silent on the neck of heritage, silently saying goodbye.

Silia line moving forward quickly Helsinki is far away There are numerous small-and-big island wandering eyes in the Baltic Sea. I was hoping to jump to the sea with a jump, to go to the swim to go to the island. But the desire to do secret!

Meanwhile, the sunshine turbulent sun has spread all over the sky. Its shadow is in the sea; As if it were a horizontal cover. Slowly evening. After a little while, the darkness of the sea, the sea and the landscape disappeared. Then laughing at the sky on the sky metimetita meteorite stars Far away, fishing boats are giving their existence on the seafront beyond the sea.

The songs of the night spent in song

The name of the entertainer is Silia Line. 13th floor height Passenger carrying capacity is three thousand There are many elevators to jump from one floor to another. Not only the ships, big cities, but also a whole city like the Baltic Sea. Where there is no shortage of anything. There are toll free shops. If you want to fill the float in the sea, you can also take away the necessary shopping.

There are also sophisticated restaurants of huge size. If you want, you can bow down to the stomach. The food menu is also ready to bring water – various types of marine fish, shrimp, lobster, seafood and salad are so much more! There are bars, discos, swimming pools, sophisticated spa centers. This is not the end here. There are also a number of entertaining entertainers in the Silia line. Theater is also seen. Dancing and performing dance shows of the famous artists will be kept afloat all night. There is also a separate system for children. And if they are not liked, then there is a system for sleeping in their nose!

The band shows that night. Shore name is Scandinavian show A band of Scandinavians in the show was in the band. Dancing with them as well. Watching the dancing arrangement. Every old man participated there. Swimming gutted in one go. After eating the stomach at night, I also got to sleep.

Welcome to Stockholm

The 16 hours journey ended in the morning the next morning. In the light of the body and furfure, we stepped on the streets of Stockholm on the mood. Stockholm is called the ‘City of Water’. Named the name, many marine inlet of the Baltic Sea is spreading like fir. Fierd’s arrows to choose from for the warmth of the people. The city is free from traffic jam. There is no dust in the street, there is no black smoke in the vehicle, no horn competition in the driver’s will. Stay in the Stockholm account, can be called another day or else!

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