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Tourism and archeology researcher Eliza Bint Elahi came to the Barisal division tour. He started his journey from Bhola on 22 March, his southern tour. In the six districts of the revolving section You will see all the traditional heritage of these districts. Elisha came to Bhola from Barisal on Saturday night. Today will leave on Monday afternoon at Jhalakathi. Bangladeshi world tourists and writer Elisa Sarah is touring Bangladesh to highlight the importance of archaeological sites and tourism in Bangladesh. Barisal 39th District of his journey From morning till night he visited the historic establishments of Barisal city. Collect information through written information, folklore, statistic and video graph as well as visiting.

Elisa is working relentlessly to save the archaeological remains of Bangladesh and to attract tourists from all over the country and abroad. The project name ‘Quest’, developed on his personal initiative. Elisa, assistant professor of the University of South Asia of Bangladesh, has completed the collection of archaeological data in 37 districts of Dhaka, Mymensingh, Rangpur, Sylhet and Rajshahi divisions. He is traveling to Barisal, the sixth division. His Heritage Tour in Barisal Division will end with Patuakhali district tour on 31 March.

This tourism study, studied in The Hague University of Applied Science in the Netherlands, is also under the ‘Importance of Heritage Tourism in Bangladesh’s tourism industry development’. In addition to Bangladesh, he collected data from 46 countries of Asia and Europe through archaeological evidence.

Elisa said in the first light, she has two publications about the experience of traveling in Asia. These are ‘Eliajas Travel Diary’ and ‘Eliajas Travel Diary II’. Apart from this he has been writing regularly in different media of the country with travel experience.

Elijah thinks Bangladesh’s natural and archaeological beauty is very promising. Chinese tourists Hiuen Tsang was surprised to see the beauty of this region. If these are developed then Bangladesh’s Heritage Tourism will make a unique contribution to the development of the country.

Today, Eliza will visit different historic establishments, including the Luktiya zamindar house of Barisal, Nattu Babu zamindar house of Bakerganj, on Monday. In the afternoon, he will be presenting at the local Reporters Unity to the media workers in his future plan.

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