Tuesday, 25 Jun 2019

Valley of milk palm of Kashmir

Kashmir is called the landline. This sentence, which came from childhood, once again came to mind that milkpathri came. It was our five-day ending destination for the Kashmir journey. When I asked Mujaffar to go to milkpathri, he agreed. Last night we came to Srinagar.
Crossing the high level
On the Google Map, I saw the road of 46 kilometers. I thought it would take one and a half times, but after walking for a half-hour flat and a street like Tilar, I saw more than 22 kilometers left. Suddenly the car began to rise, with the cold wave, and I realized the mountainous area was starting. In the streets of Kashmir, the public is rarely seen, and on this street there are fewer, apple garden on both sides. Apples in this area are small in size, but there are no trees in the trees due to the red-colored apple and fruit.

 After half an hour, after seeing this, we also saw some tourist cars in a restaurant, the restaurant owner heard that the place is covered with snow during most of the year. Although we did not find it in the last week of August last year. We started the journey again at the restaurants Egg roll and spice tea, now it’s high. The long pine on the side of the road and the row of firadaragacha.

We were surprised to get out of the car. It seemed like I was standing in front of Besaran Valley in Pahalgam, known as ‘Mini Switzerland’, the previous day. The most interesting tourist center in Kashmir is Besaran Valley, 100 kilometers from Srinagar, in Pahalgam in Anantnag district. It is good to say that, to go to Bisaran, you have to ride on the horse, which is time-consuming, expensive and scary for others. On the other hand, you can take four wheel drive or sedan car in Milk Pathri Valley. And you can get straight from the car at the tourism center. The vast green valley, the row of rows in the pine, further away the clouds on the high mountains will bring the feeling of another world. Every tourist spot in every place, with different changes in the nature of the weather.

White water like milk

A valley like Gamla in Pir Panjal range of Milk Pathathri Himalaya Mountains. Located in Budgam district of Jammu and Kashmir, about 9,000 feet above sea level. Milk Pathri name means the valley of milk, along with the name of the famous Muslim devotee of Kashmir, Sheikh Ul Alam, Sheikh Nur-Ud-Din Nurani. The water that flows here seems like white milk. The water is cold throughout the year. August-September is the best month to see this water in a big hole. Because most of the time in the year the ice is mostly ice. It’s hard to go for that.

We spent a couple of hours on the cold water, and taking food from the temporary shop at Petpur, we got back the way. The mountains seen in the morning on the sunny afternoon looked different. The mind wanted to stop in a few more places on the way back. But it was not possible due to the hurry to return to Srinagar before the evening. Ending with some extraordinary memories, our Milkshooter philosophy

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