Flies like a bird

After parasurabandi, Nepalese people flying in the sky, many. The scene was caught in front of the hill, and the scene was caught momentarily. Seeing them, the chest started, the trembling hands and legs were holding. A little later that will fly! Drinking water is a bit of effort to become normal. But where is the fear? By increasing the fear, Paragliding Pilot put Bella Bassel Helmet and Parasut. Two minutes later the blue sky flying over me! Fear and adventures match another feeling.

Pilots are quite experienced and friendly. They were also helping to scare too much. So, after flying in the sky, the darooru thought went away. Blue sky on the head, mountains under foot and the excitement of Fairway Lake. Many more birds fly like birds. There are also chile parties. Himalaya, Annapurna Mountain ranges – all should be at hand This is a great experience! The bird seemed to fly in flight. I was about 25 minutes up. The desire to go down was not exactly the same. But at one point of time, so come down, I come down to the sky and enjoy the unrivaled happiness.

Now return to the beginning of the tour. April 6 morning. We made three flyers from Dhaka’s Hazrat Shahjalal International Airport in the Himalayan region of Nepal. I and my two friends Mohammad Rubel and Gemini. Their job is different, but love is the same thing – taking pictures and roaming. So with the idea of ​​meeting me. At 12 noon, we arrived at Nepal’s Tribhuvan International Airport. Then, at the end of the visa processing, the private carrier goes to the Annapurna Guest House in Thamel area of ​​Kathmandu. After a rest for a while, I used to talk to people to go to Pokhara in the afternoon. Then I met Anis Sharma, a Nepali citizen. Sharma runs a tourist office there. He arranged for our pokhara to visit, hotel settlements and various places to visit. 300 dollars in exchange for That evening, the city and various shops were stopped by the evening, they were cut off.

Cool-dizzy little town is sorted like a picture. It was cut in the night in the shopping area of ​​Nepal’s main shopping area. The next day, I went to the four-storey morning to Sarangat. Dark around Cars are driving through the fog in the path of the universe. But there is a problem going forward. It was known that the road was broken. Can not move through this path. Then we fell into anxiety, I can see the original demand sunrise?

The car started moving in the mountains with another. The line of light started to grow a little bit. Viewing the mountains as above the car, Annapurna Mount View can be seen. When we came to Sarakata and stopped the wheel of the car, we did three Because, everybody says that it is a matter of seeing the Annapurna Mountains. So, running up the top?

Travelers’ fairs at the roof of the buildings standing on the chest Who is busy with photographing like him. The sun is rising slightly and Annapurna is starting to change its appearance. The brightness of the sunlight was good and the glittering look of the enamel covered the window. We owe money to the weather. Because, because of the weather, I enjoyed the food well. Seeing it all seemed to be a romantic expedition, Sarancot means the comfort of the eyes. Two or three hours returned to the hotel with the company. On the fourth day, in exactly the same way in Kathmandu, in the previous hotel.

April 10th. ‘See as much as you can before returning’. So I went out early in the morning to Kathmandu’s way. I saw the beauty of the Swayambunath temple located on the top of the hill, the pictures were taken by saints of Pashupati temple. This is the turn to say goodbye to Nepal. Returning to Trivuwan International Airport, the return flight to Bangladesh. After 1 hour and 10 minutes, I started taking the oxygen of the country.

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