Green habitat from the train

Trains are running on the hills. It is about three thousand feet above sea level that the hill has climbed more thousand feet. On the other side, the slope of the hill, has dropped downstream. Where the start of the population The hill ranges again above the small settlement. Green hills, blue hills. On the hills of the hills, there are seen on the hills of the hills, the tea-garden arranged in the hills, sometimes the rainforest forest of the skylark tree. After a while, the forest covered the forest with dark clouds. The head of the window is not seen by the head and the train is behind the train.

This exciting journey was witnessed when I was going to Elo’s small town Ela from the capital of Sri Lanka, Colombo. One of the best train travels in the world is that this is the path from Ellora to Colombo. It is about 200 kilometers away from the train that is still alive after a month.

Before the start

I went to a hostel in Colombo. There is an identity with a young woman in Poland. Name Magadha I thought that the hill would love, before going to Ela alone. But on the advice of Magadha, I went on two together. Although I was hurt in the ankle foot while playing football in the previous day. It seemed to me that the journey to Elah’s journey should be canceled. But the desire to see this natural scene filled the night again. I got up early in the morning at the station. I reached the train about 10 hours.

Traveling to Ela, the tourists go to three places. In the morning at nine o’clock, the train going over the Nine Arc Bridge, two hours of hiking, Little Adams pickup or sacred footprint, and finally Ela Rock by trekking 3-4 hours. I also walked out on the way. However, if Adams pakyake ankle pain, but did not go to Ela Raki again.

Best destination next year

Lonely Planet has ranked Sri Lanka as one of the best destinations in the world in 2019. The reason is not only the country’s horizontal hills, forests and wildlife sanctuaries. There is a continuation of the tourism-friendly infrastructure of the country. Government-owned hotels, low-cost home stays, hostels, thousands of trekking trails, animal safari, scuba diving, sea walking, and surfing activities have turned Sri Lanka into the backbone of the Kingdom of Heaven. In 2009, only 10 years after the end of a long 26 year long civil war, the tourist has increased about 4 times in the country. According to official estimates, in the year 2017 this number is 21 million. It is expected to exceed 40 million in 2020.

Traveling to Sri Lanka is not just Ela, but also some other places. I went to Magadha’s advice on the ocean of the sea. The cricket enthusiasts would like to know about the famous Gaul Stadium. In a couple of weeks, Katalam Gaul, Anawatuna, and Mirisar Beach. Swirling swim with sea turtles, with colorful sea fish and Coral. From the very first time I saw the world’s largest creature blue teimie. In a way, a journey to remember throughout life is one.

How much is the cost

For this thrilling train trip, you must first reach Colombo. Flights to Dhaka from Colombo to Colombo will cost around Tk 50,000. You can take a taxi or Uber ride from the airport to Colombo. Sri Lankan Rupee costs Rs 1,500 (Bangladeshi 1 rupee is about 2-15 Sri Lankan rupees equals). You can also go to public buses. A bus of 187 can be worth 140 Sri Lankan rupees. Every night in the Colombo city (one bed of 6 people dormitories) for rent 500-1000 rupees Breakfast will be arranged in the morning. If you want to stay two, you can find hotel rooms in between Rs 500 and Rs 5,000. Allar Train from Colombo First class rental is 750 rupees. The price of second class ticket is 120 rupees. Between noon and night, you can eat as much as 150-800 rupees.

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