Travel companion such as bags

Ongoing tour season If you have time to run away with friends or family members. It is quite useful to travel around the year to ease the busyness of the year. The important thing to visit is the bag. It is important to choose the bag where you are going and understand how long it is going. Once again, one bag, two or another bag with family, another bag. You should select your bag to understand the number of people on the trip.

Nowadays, different sizes and design bags are available in the market for roaming. New Market Mother’s Prayer Bidan Sales Manager Md. Abul Kalam said that during the winter travel bag demand is the highest. Different types of bags are available for each. For a short period of time or going alone, young people like backpacks or small travel bags over their shoulders. Trailbag for them when they leave the family or plan for a little more days. Most importantly, choose travel bags depending on how many people are traveling or traveling around the trip.

The market is seen as the most preferred by the backpack. All young people now prefer to take backpacks when they travel for a short time. During this time, many types of hand-held bags are seen on the tour. Talk to a young man who came to buy a travel bag in the capital’s Aziz Co-Operative Super Market. Takua Tamanna Rahman of Dhaka University said, ‘Bags are an aspect of fashion. So you want to buy fashionable and beautiful design bags for travel. ‘Young people keep track of two things while buying travel bags. One fashionable, after two trips, the bag has another use. After traveling, laptop can be carried out or college or university.

Barely design

There are many different designs to suit the demand of fashion in the market. Bags have different sizes and colors. Being protected from rain water and being very long lasting, the popularity of the Panipatak backpack in the market is now more. Bicycle Panier, Korean Style Stylish Travel Bag, Travel Bag Without Chamber, Exclusive Travel Bag of Leather, Multipless Travel Bag, and New Bag On Market. Besides, jute-made backpacks and travel bags are also available in the market. Made of jute, leather and yarn, these bags are as light and fashionable as well.


Bags among the native brands such as Bagpacers and Four Dimension, as well as among the foreign brands, President, T Travels, Camell Mountain, Black Diamond, Wilson, Power, Ornate, Pieri Garden, Fantasia, Lives King, Minister, Max, Nax, Target, Tidel Brand bags are available in all markets including Dhaka. Bata, Apex or Orion shops will also get different types of bags.

Where to find

Famous for Bashundhara City Shopping Complex in the capital, Jamuna Future Park, Ground Floor of Aziz Market, New Market, Mouchak Market, Mirpur, Old Dhaka and Bangabazar Travel Bags. Besides, travel bags are available in different brand stores in district and divisional cities.

The price

The cost of traveling bags depends on design, size, productive country and quality. Generally, all types of travel bags are available between 1 to 20 thousand rupees.


Remember some things before leaving the trip. What kind of bag would be the time of travel, advised on the proposal of Tourist Plus Private Limited Motatja Hasan-

You can fix the baggage according to travel time or range. Extra weight bags or bags can make your travel difficult. The internal travel bag should not be more than 5 to 6 kg. If you want to go out of the country, keep the bags, baggage in 10 kgs. You can carry a bag of up to 10 kg bags in the airplane.

Sometimes it may be that you went somewhere, the product you want to buy is not likely to be there later. Then buy it But keep an eye on the burden that your bag does not accelerate.

To travel abroad, do not keep batteries in your hand bag or baggage while running the bags, do not carry battery things. It can not be air-transferred.

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