What is the Kattli Bill!

The journey from Dighinalala to Nasimala started at 9am in Rangamati Langadu upazila. One hour long way. So it was already arranged in an engine boat. The boat was waiting for Longguru Hospital. He started in the boat, our Kattli journey. Some of the companions sit on the boats, and sit in the boat. It does not take time to make the chat. At the moment he took a chat as soon as possible. Engineered boats rushing through the deep waters of Kaptai lake To go a little, Abul’s teal appeared to be waiting for the hunt to catch a lot of drinks. Fishermen catching fish with small boats in the lake.

Around the time of Abul’s elevation, a bird flew over the boat and came to the water of Naml Lake. Then swim the boat in the boat to eat and eat it as if it was okay.

The sun was then in the east sky. His light got a different color in the transparent water of the lake. To see the light of the sun and water, we came to see Baidya’s tilak. There also the Shamukkhol team took place. They are staring at the small wings in the lake, and they are killed. There is a lot of flocks in the flock. All of the boatmen festooned after seeing the flocks of birds
Became. In the middle of the lake, the fishermen boats have enhanced the beauty of the lake. Two or three boats are fired by fishermen together.

Traveling companion Arman Khan said, more birds have come this year than in the other year. The birds did not come in the past for some years due to predators. But due to the administration’s strict surveillance, the hunter does not get the chance of hunting birds.

To reach the point, I reached Kattali Island. Hiking Kattoli of the lake all around Looks beautiful from a distance. When the boat rises in Kattoli, the smell of dried nuts Various species of fish rotted on the banks of Kattli Beal are given to dry the rows. Some children were handling dried dicks to dry up on Machang in front of the house.

Abdul Majid said in the Kattli jail, the main occupation of most of the residents is fish hunting. During this season, they dried up with fish. They are far away from the upazila headquarters because they are deprived of government privileges.

To talk to the local people, I used to roam for some time. Before buying the boat, I bought some dried stock. The same scene at the time of returning, as much as I see eye tastes do not fit.

 How to go

Due to Dighinala, many desserts were left from Dhaka. There are air-conditioned chairs. There is a direct nightclub from Dhaka to Rangamati Langadu. Peace chair of peace transport came from the oxygen area of ​​Chittagong. The rent is not much. At Dighinala bus stand, some of the locks in the tourist camp and the car can be used to stay in Langdoo for a rest. Zip, pickup reserve can take 2 to 2,500 rupees. From the Langda to the engine boat, go to the Taka 50000. And if the speedboat is 3 thousand taka

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