Asma’s century touches the country

Kazi Asma Ajmari returned home a few days ago by flagging the flag of red-green in the country. The target of this woman traveler was to travel to 100 countries with a Bangladeshi passport by 2018. On Oct 29, he reached the goal reached Turkmenistan. Qazi Asma Azmer is the dream document, on the holidays. Because, on 5th May, ‘Asma turned around 89 countries,’ the report was published on her holidays. Then came back to Dhaka. Then he started his journey through the Philippines tour and Ajmeri started his journey.

He reached the milestone of traveling hundreds of countries from the Philippines to Mongolia, Russia, Canada, Belarus, Georgia, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan, and reached the milestone.
The country is in the throats of his century still in his voice. On December 10, the traveler’s experience told the journey. He is a trans-Mongolian train traveler. This trip reached Beijing from Beijing to Belarus. 20 thousand kilometers to the passage He said, ‘He wants to go again.’
Kazi Asma Ajmeri, daughter of Khulna, started her journey in 2008. But in my mind, I want to change my mind completely and from time immemorial. There are many places of the country. After completing his studies, he started his job. It’s time to start customization immediately.

Asma said, “I used to imagine myself in his imagination in my imagination when I used to be a romantic travel story about Ibn Bataru. But can not be left out if you want. So I was waiting to be self-sufficient. Whenever I did, I stepped on my dream journey. “But he had gone to Thailand earlier, he did not want to be alone in the space of his life because of his 2007 tour.

Full-fledged tourism started in 2009. That year, in South Asia India, Nepal, Bhutan, and Singapore, Malaysia. In 2010, 11 countries, including Egypt, Morocco, Turkey, China, France, Brunei, Belgium. This is the beginning. Last came in Cuba in 2017. Most countries traveled in 2016. 19 countries of Arab and European countries have traveled around the world.
Asma has visited all the countries in Bangladesh’s passport. His travel experience was broadcast by the National Television in Turkmenistan. There he talked about the culture of Bangladesh and the culture of Turkmenistan, Asma. He said, “The milestone of 100 countries travel is not my only victory. This is the victory of the whole Bangladesh, the victory of Bangladeshi women. When someone else in the country can not remember my name called “High Bangladesh”. I can not understand how much I enjoy this call. ‘
Kazi Asma Ajmeri has worked in New Zealand’s Red Cross. It has been involved in various social welfare activities for international volunteering organizations.

Due to being a Bangladeshi passport during travel many times the visa has to be complicated. Ajmeri said, “When I travel, I say to foreign people, Bangladeshis come to your country to work as well as for traveling.”
Kazi Asma Ajmeri was born in Khulna. Among the two children of Kazi Golam Kibria and Kazi Sahida Ahmed, Azmeri Bara He passed SSC from Large Iqbalnagar Girls High School. After passing HSC from Khulna Women’s College, he took BBA Degree in Marketing from NorthSouth University. MBA from East West University
Ajmari said of the future, ‘I am not going anywhere. I’ve traveled for a long time, want to rest for a while. There is a need for some capital to travel without it. So now we have to save for the next day. Then Barob is on a new path to a new country.

Native Hotel Award Wins
Tourist website website Travel and Hospitality Award 2011, Dhaka’s Grace 21 Smart Hotel in Dhaka. Nicunja’s Star Hotel has received Bangladesh’s ‘Best Boutique Hotel of the year 2018’. Four more hotels were awarded to Bangladesh. Among them, the Hotel Division has won the Sky City Hotel Dhaka, Hotel Nur Jahan Grand in Excellence in Service category, Holiday Express as the Affordable Hotel and the Hotel Hotel won the award as a stylish hotel. Travel and Hospitality Award Website gives this award to the best hotels and tour operators of different countries every year.

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