Humanitarian country Bhutan

I’ve been going to go for a long time, but I did not. In those words, people of Makkah do not get Hajj – that is also our situation. I was going to Harhmsa in Europe and America, but I was not going to Bhutan. Finally, we went to Nouroz (, 10 people in the thunderstruck country. It is a little scary to ride on a small plane, it is known to many of my acquaintances, and there is also a smile between friends. Read it on your neck of necklace. A small aircraft in the Drake Air flew. Before going to Paro International Airport, two major shocks proved that Paro airport’s reputation as one of the world’s most dangerous airports. In all, 11 pilots around the world can safely land at the airport. We could also pilot.

After taking a flight from the plane to the stairs, I realized that the journey would not be absolutely bad. Anything else, you can go back to Oxygen.

However, very soon the ‘On Arrival Visa’ and after the trouble of immigration got up in the car. I went to Bhutan for a few minutes without going to go; It seemed as if we were on the streets of the small mountainous city of Switzerland. What a beautiful scene, on the one hand, hill on the other side is running cool water. In the afternoon we reached the thimpu with the river and the way. At our hotel in Thimphu city. Nimble, a medium-sized hotel. The people here are very good. Everyone can help if they can help a little. But there is not too much excess of anything. Everyone maintains a respectable distance.

So far it was all right, but to go to the room, Akkelagroom in order to remove the screen. The first road, then the ground, and then the mountains of the mountains of gray, then look for little eyes. The sun has descended on the mountain, and the color is spreading on the mountain. When you look at the window, suddenly it seems like watercolor. I thought I would come to see the city with a sip of tea, but I could not get out of the window. Later, Kaniz Apa (Persona director Kaniz Almas Khan) came and brought him to the car. To break high and to break the stereotype, I reached the middle of the city of Thimpu.

Small cities, clothing and jewelry shops, and suddenly a medium-sized cafe. I went in and out of the house but I was fascinated by eating coffee pastries. There was a slight problem in the problem. I heard that all of what he produces or exports, so this problem.

In the evening, a lot of cold clothes came on her, but she had to take rough measures. Yet in the month of October, such a weather is a little new. At night, I went to the hotel to eat at the hotel and soon I fell asleep. Because, the next morning you will have to go back to Punkha.

On the way to Punkha

Moving on the way to Punekha through the zodiacal path. It looks like a little bit above. Asking the guide, he said, “I’m just going to be on the way, on the way we will stop at Dokula. Dokula Pass reached with the clouds. After finishing the conversation with the clouds in Kanakan, the journey to Punakhaar again. After all, four hours later we reached Punakha.

At Punkah, I came to Punakashu River at a resort called River Side Resort. The resort is a little out of the city. After the reception of the reception, I was stunned down the stairs and saw the green-green-blue nights. Our resort is surrounded by the river. Sweetie (actress Tanvir Sweety), Disha, Fima did not come down to the house to take photographs. No one is going to take home anymore. Tea and breakfast were eaten on the banks of the river. In fact, first of all, we got our own private river in life.

Normally Bhutan’s diet was not impressed by me, but the dinner of this resort was very good for us. Green brother announces, “World’s best food.” I realized that after the last two days of tasteless food, the gentleman sat down to be impressed. The private river is open to open the doors of the house when you wake up in the morning. In the morning, the color is blue, and from the afternoon it becomes blue-green-strange thing.

Due to this racket and business in Dhaka, it came to the bank of the river and stopped and stopped. The rest came out to see Punakha Jang and the city, but I did not want to go anymore. Throughout the day, I spent the day at the river, the whole resort Sunsan. Little writing went on, with hot-hot spices, tea and great songs. I stopped looking back at the body, head and mind all the way, trying to bring the person from the device back to a little man, and tried to do something difficult to do. After the afternoon all the people again, chat again, taking photographs and lifting music. If not, do not let the day …!

Paro episode

After visiting Punhaku, just spend the night at Thimpu. The next day. Curious is a shy city. In this town also our resort lies on the banks of the river. Name ‘Some Resort’ Oh a name It was almost noon to reach reach. The guide saw the suffering of our food and said, ‘I will take you to a wonderful place today.’ We are very enthusiastic with him. Then take it to an old house, keep a Harley Davidson motorcycle park outside. But I do not understand where the restaurant is. Within a few minutes I saw several table-chair arrangements. It seems that empty stomach is not going to return.

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