I did not want to leave the torn island

At the bottom of the map of Bangladesh, the number of tiny tangled spherical globular spheres seen in the bottom of the map, the last of its name is the scattered island. I did not know about the news- there is no place to live-on-torn island. A 5-kilometer-wide way from St. Martin’s main ghat. Some people can go to Vaingdi, near the torn island, but it is not very convenient. The road to convenience is the seeping of the sea. The sea is also seen easily, in less time it can be seen.

A boat store in the boat was seen in the market, one-to-one shop. Here hang the row-dub-coconut row. There are also tea and biscuit meal arrangements. There are some chips hanging packets. On the right-hand side or in front of this half-kilometer, there are sand and cobblestone stones. On the stone-bearing algae, which has been rocking thousands of years in the depths of the sea, it is difficult to tread with some feet of the feet, once we stand on another high point.

Now I see the horizontal sea in front and back. There is a sea on the right, but there are some locals. I do not know where else the world is, so beautiful places to hold the sea at exactly 270 degrees.

Shortly, if there is any place anywhere in the west, lying on the side of the sun can be seen to see the sun shovel. Again in this place, if you fall asleep in the night and face eastwards, sleeping on the bed can also be seen as the egg yolk from the sea.

I wish I could stay there. With me, General Pasha, his wife and two daughters. I said to Pasha, ‘You take your brother with your army, I am leaving.’

Laughing pasha He called his cord and laughed and said, ‘You have arranged a bed for Shakur’s brother here. He wants to stay here tonight. ‘

The poor cord thinks, it really feels like I’m going out of the night. He came roaming around and said, “I have come to know that there is no rule to stay here.” Everyone has to leave the island in the four o’clock in the afternoon.

I see the brother in the distance! I see the sea in the wild, why are there so many restrictions?

Locate the area. Only four acres of land, this island only wakes up to four or five months a year. A semi-kilometer-long sand-stone island sank under the sea during the rainy season. Here are some of the kindergarten born, and nothing else. The coral and the algae stone are spotted with some sand on the surface of the sea or on the surface. There are some beautiful snails and mussels. But they are prohibited from taking it here or trading.

There are two or three temporary shops on the island. The store means-the roof is spread by polythene on several poles. The shopkeepers came from the neighboring locality in the morning to buy a shop here, and on the afternoon they took everything by boat.

Suddenly, the eyes went in one room. It is astonished to hear that there is only one family night breaking down all the rules. For several years they have been here. The island goes before drowning, and then they come here when the island rises. They run the tea-biscuit shop next to this room. A gutter with a polythene fence beside him. It is not for them, if there is a need for a guest, then there is no arrangement for these.

I do not see any of my fellow passengers once. They went away in photoscations Pasha is engaged in photoshop with his wife and two girls twin daughters Anika and Anushka. They wear blue shirt in conjunction with the sea.

I sat down on a bench of T-stall and dabbled. Although the coconuts of Saint Martin Island are triumphant, the dub price here is more than in Dhaka. Suddenly, a young young woman from Dhaka started dancing with a Hindi song. I see a sound box in his pocket, he is leaving the song, and the children’s children are starting dancing. Interestingly, after seeing such a drumming house, the dancing girl came to the dancing scene and started dancing in front of the ocean.

I started taking pictures of them. The crowd was caught by this arrangement. Once upon a time the parrors came and stood beside them. His cord Shamim came and said, ‘Griddle for you is being grilled. Eat it?

‘Hey, what do you say?’

Seeing the swim in the water inside a drum near the shop, the big crabs. Each is 5-6 inches tall. Grill the ghee on the oil. 60 pi each piece Cheap!

We used to make some crabs to draw for lunch. Shamim has learned, there is a nice resort named Music Eco Resort at the end of St Martin’s side of the torn island. There were arrangements for lunch at noon and sunset for the last afternoon.

We have to leave this torn island I will not go once again. Last night, after seeing the sunrise full of night and hiding from the house full of night in the jail, I left the torn island all day with the desire to go to sleep.

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