In the City of Heritage Cities

The fact that the city of Rome did not evolve in one day, was found in the truth that from Taramini station to the hotel, on the way. 15 minute distance from the station to the taxi. In 15 minutes of the first Rome philosophy, the streets were green parked, huge structures and sculptures. It seems to be very popular that he peeped into the mind. 3 November 018. At noon at Fimitchino airport in Rome. From there it took place at the metro station to reach the station of Tharmini.

There was no end to hypocrisy before coming to this city of Italy. When it comes to listening to the word of Europe, it seems like a classical civilization, ancient art culture, and a continent of a city like a city. So after marriage I chose Rim (Zubaidul Haq) Europe to spend the holiday. The first country of this trip was Italy. At the time of the time wasted in the hotel room, it seemed to be wasting time unnecessarily! In Rabindranath’s words, ‘time is about to waste time!’ So quickly I got out.

I started feeling the stomach screaming. And yet, ‘him’ can not be hurt! Immediately entered into a restaurant. What to say, the wonderful Italian pizza and the extraordinary taste of the pasta is still alive! In the same way evening has come. I went to Campo de Fiori premises. Street artists can be found everywhere in Europe. These artists draw attention to their musical instruments, songs, dance or comedy. Their presentation is such a skill that will force you to stand up! Here is the meeting of such a person I saw his performance as Tanmay. Back to the hotel to see the city at night.

The next morning I left the sightseeing. First came Pantheon This thousand-year-old temple is now a church, where there are outstanding works of art as well as the famous grapefather Rafael’s grave. From here on Lorgo da Torre Argentina Square It is said, here Roman Emperor Julius Caesar was killed. The huge pillars that have been witnessed are historic. Then I ran to see the Fantana da trevi. If you throw the money back into this fountain or you are fortunate to come back to this place again. Who does not want such an opportunity! We also threw money into the rules.

Vatican City

Rome is the world’s smallest independent country! Visit the country to visit the city, who missed the opportunity! In the Vatican City of 110 acres. Pope Francis, the chief religious leader of the Catholic community, is here. One of the most striking architecture of the Vatican City is St. Peter’s Basilica. It was rebuilt in the 16th century on the tomb of St. Peter of the 12 disciples of Jesus Christ. There is a huge museum, whose artwork can be seen in 5 seconds, but it will take 12 years to finish.

Pisa Feast

Pisa town is about 350 kilometers away from Rome. Two-hour route to the train. Many pictures of Pisar tilt tower are known. From childhood, it surprised me. The White Pillar Church and this tilted tower near the green grass is a strange beautiful one. We spent the evening watching this sight-seeing. It seems, the eyes do not even mind! It was very happy to meet the wishes of childhood. And the most beloved man in life was next to the mercury of happiness, rising upwards!

Thus, in Florence and Venice in Italy, I spent two days in New Spain in Spain.

 I fly in Spain

Rim rescues Spain’s desire to come to Barcelona The reason is his football spirit. He is a football fan of Barcelona football club. I got to know in Barcelona that there is a match for the famous football club. We went to Nau Camp Seeing Messi playing himself in the gallery, it’s just a dream. Rim is festive. It became more memorable for me. Because, watching this football match for the first time in the gallery. The festive atmosphere of the stadium and the club music formula for the full length of the song will ring throughout life.

Sunset witness

The destination from Barcelona was in the capital Madrid. We will remember this vibrant city for many reasons. In the ancient Temple of Temple ‘Temple Demode’, for the first time we saw the sunset together. I saw the palace where the numerous letters of the missing soldiers coming to the king of neutral Spain during World War II have become a memorial of humanity. And inside the royal palaces of the palace are blindfolded. The experience of visiting any palace was also my first experience.

Love city

Paris is the city of love in Paris, in Paris. We are now in France Looking down from the metro, I saw a huge tower standing in the sky with fog. This is the famous Eiffel Tower. It’s hard to move eyes over. So the next day I went to see the Eiffel Tower. The beautiful Eiffel Tower of the night impressed us. That night we sat in the river Siena on a river cruise. The love of love with the people of the city will be unpredictable.

 Turn back home

See how three weeks passed, did not understand. Now the turn to return. Again we returned to France from Italy to Italy. The return flight to Dhaka from here. The mind is very bad. Again return to that busy life! I convinced the mind, that is the rule.

The days of Europe have seen many things from the side of my loved ones, I know. There is no end to know more about this. So I thought I would run away if I had a chance, in this city of Europe. This ancient city is our first witness. The days of Europe should shine in the memories of memories.

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