Speaking of bamboo velocity

It was late in the winter in the cold winter afternoon, even though it was delayed. The reason was, of course, many of the 21-strong party were unaware of adventure. Long night jogra journey on it- Bandarban bus from Dhaka. From there to the light of the morning on the moon car thanchi. When the trawler reached Remakri, noon; Tiredness of many people is exhausted. So, leaving from Remakri to Jinnaparara was not looking at the faces of many! Everybody walked in the same way for about an hour and a half. After that, the strange thing is that the sound of the fountains shipped away from the ears, and when I was caught, I saw each other. They awoke when they heard a strange happiness. After a while I got the shower. The name is its napakhum. Until then, the moon shines in the sky, in the sky. With its Millions Stars Fair The shower became lush in the light of the moon, and the form spread. It can not be understood that the moment of the moment sounds good.

We did not stay there much longer. Because, there are still many ways to reach Jinnapara. Begin to walk again. Enamana is very rare member of the party. His body was caught in the leech’s eye! The mountain was shaken as he screamed! That’s why many people have been identified as Chinjal and Tiger Junk.

Towards the jungle, I reached the ninth of the night on the hill and reached Jinnapara. Everybody came to the bed and brought the body to bed.

To see ‘terrible beautiful’!

Sleep break in the morning. Let’s see, our guide with everyone else is sleeping in Enlil. However, the importance of raising everyone was taken on the shoulders of ‘commander’ himself. So when he awoke, with a smile on his face, he said, ‘It is five o’clock!’

When I was about to leave, some people sat on the fights. They will not go The idea is to be like, a lot of bapu, a little sleep! The number of people who did not go to one of the people, stood at six, down two. At the end of the group of 15 people took the road to the Amyakhum and Bhalakhum philosophy.

Hundreds of stories are written on the hill path Every word in the story has a thrilling experience. Put a foot on the deity hill with the story of the companion. Vellakhum on this side of the hill, on the other side, Amakkhum. The downhill hills are down and down. I went to Vellakumme. About 25 minutes of bamboo-made villa. How to prepare for the bamboo bhabasabasabaya Preparations say that there is a need to prepare the rooftops. But I discovered, there was a rug. Maybe another team has left. I thanked them with their thanks. Moving around the big stone, I went to the desired Khum-Amakhyam.

Amyakhum really ‘terrible beautiful’ shower Everybody came down to take a dip in the beauty of the mountainous waterfall.

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