The mysterious tunnel of Alutilla

Alutila Cave is a natural cave located in Khagrachari district of Bangladesh. The Alutila Cave or mysterious tunnel is located on the hill of Alutilla, or 1,000 feet in elevation, about 4 km west of the sea level, about 5 km west of the main town of Matiranga upazila of Khagrachari district.

Locals call it Matai Hakara or the cave of a god. Alutila is the highest mountain in Khagrachari district. Although it is named Tila, it is essentially a mountain range. Alutila Tunnel or Cave is one of the most natural caves in the world. The cave is very dark and cool. On your way to the Sajek Valley, at least once or all the way to the cave to visit the cave. So I decided to go to Sazek before going to visit.

The first two members of the two lunar cars got down and stopped. Two hundred year-old botanical trees along the main gate of the Alutilla tourist center. Quiet intensive cinema. The sky is high, with the head raised. The ticket was cut in from the gate of the tourist center and, as per instructions, I bought the torch. At first I got a few minutes’ walk along the right side of the road. The road has come down the slope through the hills. Down the road, a small fountain appeared.

I came back and started walking on the left side of the road to find the mysterious cave. After a while, there was a restroom and a watch tower. From here, parts of Khagrachari can be seen. One can observe the sky and the mountains and the illusion of the misty cloud of clouds. The natural beauty of this place is truly unparalleled, the heart is extraordinary to touch the heart. Earlier, the slopes of the mountain had to go down the cave.

But now the tourism corporation has paved a paved road. As a result, it is easy to walk in the cave. After completing the paved road, I went down the stairs and went down. I found that cave, Alutila Cave.

The atmosphere is close to close. The whole body began to cool down. Who can go before that is arguable. Someone is busy burning the torch again. The diameter of the cave is about 3-4 feet. Passing all by myself, I entered first. The cave is very dark and cool. No sunlight enters. Absolutely rocky caves.

Tiptop water is falling from the cave; Fountain flows through the bottom. Very carefully, I am moving forward. The bottom of the tunnel was very slippery. So the cave is to be taken with caution or light very carefully. There is a competition to take pictures inside the cave. Good to know, the cave is absolutely safe. It looks like an underground tunnel with a length of about 3 feet.

Inside the cave, the water is frozen, there are big rocks. The height of the cave is sometimes so low that we have to hug or bow down. After about 12-5 minutes of walking outside, the light from the outside sun begins to appear. As I saw the rays of the morning sun entering the broken fence gap. Once again, up the stairs and come up to the main gate along the previous route. It is heard that during the Second World War, there was a famine in Khagrachari. From then on the mountain became known as Alutila. There are still plenty of wild potatoes available here.

Warning: It is better not to use sandals or shoes that fall behind because of cave stones. For additional security you can use mobile torch or flashlight. The cave should revolve at least once in the life of adventurers and adventurers.

Travel: From Dhaka you can go to Khagrachari by bus of Shanti, Shyamoli, Hanif and other transport. The rent will be Tk. Also, BRTC and St. Martin transport AC buses to Khagrachari. From Khagrachari city, you have to go to Alutila tourist station by train or local bus. Or you can ride a motorcycle in a CNG-powered auto rickshaw or both.

Eating: The traditional system restaurant location in Panakhai Para near the city of Khagrachari. Traditional Khagrachari dishes are found here. Besides, you will find various quality food hotels all over the city.

Overnight: There are several quality hotels with tourist motels in Khagrachari. In this case you can get the help of the locals.

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