St. Martin’s will have to register online

The only coral island in the country can’t go to St. Martin’s if you wish. You will need to register online. The rules will be introduced from next season. If a person goes to St. Martin without registering, there will be no penalty or penalty. A software development is under way.

Lieutenant Colonel (retd) Forkan Ahmed, chairman of the Environment Department and Cox’s Bazar Development Authority (COQ), confirmed the matter on Tuesday.

He said that St. Maarten is an important asset in Bangladesh. The natural economy of the country will be enriched if St. Martin’s are put to natural use. But now the situation in St. Martin is restless. In addition to coral reefs, biodiversity destruction, the island is at environmental risk. Attempts are underway to protect the coral reef by creating a masterplan.

Forkan Ahmed said a policy has already been created. The policy will be launched from next tourist season (December-April). How many tourists will be able to go to Saint Martin, how many will be able to stay, how many ships can move, everything will be specified.

Assistant Director of the Department of Environment Cox’s Bazar, Kamrul Hasan, said that it is not possible to protect St. Martin from environmental risks if the tourist’s extra pressure is not controlled.

During the current season, a maximum of 5,000 tourists have visited St. Martin every day. Next season you will be able to go with 9,820. How many of them can spend the night on the island, and will be specified in the policy.

About 5,000 people live on this island of 5.75 square kilometers.

According to the Department of the Environment, the government declared St. Martin’s Island as an Environmental Crisis Area (ECA) in the 5th. The island has 3 species of algae, 3 species of plants, 3 species of coral, 3 species of snail-oysters, 3 species of crabs, 5 species of butterflies, 5 species of fish, 21 species of fish, 3 species of amphibians and 20 species of reptiles. On the island there were 5 species of native birds, 5 species of birds, including a total of 5 species of birds and 20 species of mammals.

Now much has gone extinct. Earlier, the Department of Environment issued a report depicting the destruction of the biodiversity of St. Martin’s Island.

According to the Environment Department report, at present, about 20-2000 tourists visit and stay at St. Martin’s Island every day. This leads to the destruction of the island’s biodiversity. Not only that, the damage to the island is increasing on the roads constructed by various agencies including the local government engineering department.

The Inter-Ministry Committee’s short-term decision states that motorcycles, cars and speedboats will not be able to operate the island. Geobags are being dropped to protect the island’s erosion. It is damaging the precious coral of the shore and erosion is increasing. The committee has asked that the bags be stopped. Turtle breeding is being hampered by lighting the hotels at night. So the lights cannot be lit on the island at night.

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