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Mountains are a type of green forest wall of China (Greatwall of China). The world’s most populous country, located in Beijing, China, is one of the world’s seven wonders. The length of this amazing and longest wall in the world is about 20 km and the height is 5.7 to 1.2 m or about 5 to 6 feet. About 1.5 meters or 12 feet wide. The construction of the wall began about 225 BC and took about 5 years to complete. Brick and stone have been used to build this beautiful wall.

It is said that up to 12 pairs of horses can run atop a Chinese wall. Every day millions of visitors from different countries come to enjoy the beauty of this magnificent China. Even the little ones come by the hands of parents. Every morning, the race starts at the top of the mountain. The race to the top of the mountain continued until sunrise. On September 27, the Chinese capital was on its way to Beijing.

There was a chance to see the wall of China. The day of the trip was September 7. Dazzling golden sunshine throws on the mountain top. As far as the eyes go, just green. The staircase to the top has been created with a snake-like shape on top of the mountain. Traveling in the race to climb up the stairs. After several steps up the stairs from the main road, there will be a small outer bungalow of golden color. The folds of greenery on the hills bear the touch of the aristocracy of the bungalows.

The exterior colors and craftsmanship coated on the bungalows. It was as if a king was created with great care. His reign was in the hills. It’s like the king’s princess. The form is like a limb in its limbs… mountains wrapped in green, shining sunshine and a clear, straight breeze will take the trappings to the dream kingdom. Here comes the tranquility. Why was the wall of China made? History is known that at that time, traveling bandits from Manchuria and Mongolia invaded different parts of China and did various damage. As a result, the wall was built to protect China from the hands of bandits.

In 25 BC, China was divided into several states. One of the kings, named Shi Huang-t, became the emperor by associating with other kings. Before the Gobi Desert, north of China, the malicious Mongolians live, whose job it is to plunder. The emperor’s order to save the country from their hands began the construction of the Chinese wall. The wall was built from Chhali – the old name of Shansiquan in the Gulf of Pohai to Chiaquaman in Kansu Pradesh. What was the purpose of the emperor? The question remains.

Many places were often demolished or Mongol robbers broke into China’s mainland to plunder. Although preserved in ancient heritage, many places on the wall are still broken. Construction of the main part began around 25 BC. King Si Huang, the first emperor of China, used it first and built a long wall to protect his empire from the enemy.

It was the first watchdog to guard territories other than China’s natural barriers, and against the Swing Nu, a northern Chinese tribe. The reasons for the Han, Sui, Nardan, and Xing dynasties are also mentioned in the history of the empire, for the same reason that the wall of China is mentioned as a modification, alteration, expansion, rebuilding. North of Beijing and some parts of the tourist reserve – even rebuilt – many of the walls face destruction. The affected areas are used as a source of stone for the construction of village playgrounds and houses and roads. Some parts of the walls are also damaged for destruction. Some parts have been demolished to rebuild the walls.

Near the advanced tourist areas, the repaired section has become a selling point of tourism products. The wall has regular checkpoints at regular intervals, which are used for weapons conservation, army accommodations, and smoke signals. Military bases and administrative centers are located at long intervals. It was noteworthy that the communication of army units within the boundaries of Greatwall, such as strengthening the party and the movement of the enemy, was important.

Signal towers were set up along the hills to facilitate viewing. How to get to Dhaka Alliance from Dhaka Shahjalal International Airport to Bangkok. The transit will take Beijing to China. Take the bus to the airport to see the wall of China.

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