The nature of Boga Lake

The friends of the De-Chute ‘Travel Association’ love to leave the country and abroad. Walking under the shadow of the ‘Come Friend De-Chute Tourism Association’, the mountains and mountains of nature, holding the slogan this time, I walked from foot to room in Bandarban, a mysterious creation of nature in the wilderness of Bogalek.

After leaving the car from Fakirapul in Dhaka, the car was left at 1:30 pm. After going to Kanchpur, the car was completely brake, assuming the situation, I realized that the night would not be disposed of, but the tremendous potential for a three-way collision. The next day I reached Bandarban at 12 pm.

After getting Zuhr prayers, he arrived in Chand’s car for the holiday room, arriving there at noon. As a result, the night was spent in Rumai. So in the afternoon, the engine boat on the Sangu River left for Rizuque Falls. The beauty of the Rizuk Falls that I saw an era ago in my eyes is a lot to do.

Of course, people in civilized society are largely responsible for this imbalance of the environment. After spending some time beside the waterfall, I returned to Ruma Bazar. The next day, we have to cross the difficult road to see the unseen beauty of Bogalek, so I bought the necessary supplies with the guide. Everything is ready in the morning. But Jasim and Karim sat down, pretending to be physically ill, knowing they had to walk 5 km. One person’s heart is the liver of another, I think I do not understand their story, and I said, “OK you go in the car. Suddenly, Karim’s brother thought that he had agreed to walk.

And Jasim is now on his way straight to Dhaka, breaking new run. Name, address, entry to the army camp, hiking on the remote slopes! At that time, Subhanullah and Allahu Akbar were taking the sound and running down the hills, forests and countless gorges. Formalin-free bananas, Pepe is consuming energy.

Around the hills and dense forests, the ‘de-Chute’ party walks in the joy of the mind. There was no fatigue in the body, no thoughts, just us. Only a few yards walk in the trahi tri-state and hiking there miles after mile.

Only the thrilling feeling of walking in the deep forest of silence can only be felt. During the long walk, it would seem at one time that the birds of the forest called ‘De-Chut’ were shouting for anonymity. After walking for about four hours I discover a strange nature of nature.

The hills on either side are steep as if to be friends with the horizon, the large-sized trees stand guard over the head.

Many of the stones scattered around are so strange that they are shaped. It would seem that human beings are trying to hide the small stone between the big rocks in order to escape the hyenas. Truly the mystery of the Creator.

Heavy stones under the feet and intense sun heat on the head. Once upon a time the Maya thought – I threw a cell phone and lost it inadvertently! But it did not happen in the stomach. Umbangapara m Cool sheep of the hill. In the house of Yu Karbari, I ate noodles and stopped stomach. Many Indigenous peoples, like us, spend a little time resting in their homes after eating this path.

After a walk of about eight and a half hours, in the late afternoon, I give a break at the mouth of Narishba Fountain How strange How beautiful its appearance. Even in the dry season, the sound of rimjhim is taking the endless stream of water again in the afternoon hiking and tracking again. Due to the dense jungle, it is dark in the daylight. Climbing up the hill in the torch light.

Once upon a time, I fell to my knees in the darkness of the mountains. Walking again, eating chopped-twist-sweets-dates. Arriving at 5:30 pm, 20 feet above sea level, the nature of the unspoiled beautiful Boga Lake in nature.

Smiling Kim gave us a warm welcome. I’ll be at his cottage tonight. I got busy doing B-Q on the water in the lake. The Jampesh Chateau runs through the lake till deep into the night.

On my return day, I went to see Table Hill between Bethelpara and Ummanpara. On the world, table heels are recognized as the only table heels in Switzerland. But the nature of the donation is almost unknown to our pride about the table heights of Bandarban and the countrymen are very unknown!

How to go

Bandarban can be accessed on various transportation from Dhaka, Gabtali and Fakirapool. There are two types of nonac / ac. From Bandarban city Ruma Bazar can be reached by car / bus / jeep at Chand.

Where to stay

There are various resorts / cottages / hotels and boarding for rent at Ruma Bazar, fares range from Rs.

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