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Many spend thousands of money to enjoy the beauty of the cloud and go to neighboring countries to see Darjeeling. But what is less than the Darjeeling of the upper in our nilgiri appearance? What is not in our eucalyptus.

Nature should take pleasure in the tourist with all its beauty. If you do not believe in family, do not come home from Darjeeling, Bandarban. Apart from the eucalyptus, Bandarban has many other sights including Bogalek, Chibuk Hills, Nile River, Rock Falls, Gold Temple at the top of the hill. All worth seeing

The beauty of each one is different. However, the beauty of the Nilgiris impresses the tourists more closely. From the base of the mountain to the summit, wrap in a sheet of green. Hill Lalnara has created forests of jambura, papaya, olives, mango, jackfruit, oranges, bananas, pineapple and guava in the foothills of Khara Hills. On the way to the eucalyptus, the stone eyes first fall on the rocky shrub, followed by the magnet.

Both are worth watching. Together with the beauty of the mountains, rivers, seas, waterfalls, forests, the Darjeeling famous Chimbuk Hills rose in the hills. The world’s longest beach is seen in the south. Sunshine, this cloud, this rain is the eucalyptus. Its height is 4,000 feet from the ground. Due to its height, it is the most attractive place to visit in Bandarban in winter. However, there is less rainfall in Bandarban all year long. Because of this, cloud fairs sit in Bandarban all year long. A little more clouds are seen in the rain. Eucalyptus has been beautiful ever since.

Many improvements have been made for the convenience of tourists. The army has renovated. A new restaurant has been built on the hill slopes for the convenience of tourists. Sitting here eating and drinking right and left eyes is seen in far and wide, the second highest mountains of the country are Keokradong, Boga Lake at the top of the hill, the beach of Cox’s Bazar and Chittagong seaport. Apart from the restaurant, the walkway is being built in the aesthetics of the aquarium to walk from the parking area to the Nilgiri Peak. The hills are cut in different colors and ways. Among them, many seating benches and sheds have been set up in the eye-catching design.

They can spend hours after hours sitting with their loved ones. How to get there from Dhaka to Bandarban There are many high quality AC-NonAC bus services. Hanif, Shyamoli, Saudia, Unique, Eagle, St. Martin transportation, dolphin transport, etc. The rent is NAC 5 to 129. AC 5 bucks. You can choose any of these for you. I have already mentioned about the transportation to reach Nilgiri when reaching Bandarban. Yes, the moon car. Up to Nilgiris, the car rental is Tk 5,000.

With this, Nilgiri will have to pay a parking charge of Rs. Where to stay In Nilgiri, there are interesting cottages named for the army-operated clouds, Akashinila, Nilangana, Hatekara Raicha, Marma Raicha. For the location and overnight stay in these cottages with modern facilities, we have to contact the army’s Bandarban Brigade Headquarters in advance.

Rents range from 3 thousand to 3 thousand taka. The rent is slightly higher but the stay is different. But don’t worry. Bandarban has many good quality hotels with all modern amenities for a stay. Apart from the facilities, renting a room also varies. It can be anywhere from 1 to 3 thousand rupees or more.

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