Failed expedition to Baxa Hills

I wanted to visit Baxa Castle at an altitude of 2500 feet at the top of the mountain. During the British period, it was heard that the indigenous revolutionaries and communist leaders of independent India were arrested and placed in that castle. We started in the city of Alipurduar in North India. The two of us ride a fast-moving motorcycle to Baxa Hill and pass the magnificent beauty of Dooars. Tea groves, rivers of hills and Torsa-Dima-Nonai-Kalkut-Gharagharia-Bala are leveled side by side. In the gloomy September heat in Mayan green, my eyes are covered with ice. The deep forest of the Baxa Tiger Conservation Project, 22 or 20 km from Alipurduar. Beyond this forest is Boxa Hills. Smooth paved the road through deep forest. There is no way to find out where the elephant and tiger owl can be found in the dense jungle. Shortly after rainfall, the forest becomes so dense and complex that it is almost impossible to enter and exit the paved roads. The breeding season is called “off-season” in September. Close all straight paths on foot. So, for fear of elephants and tigers attacking, I was crying on the road to Baxa on a smooth paved road, listening to the call of the unnamed and unnamed birds in the forest at noon. To watch the Boxa Tiger Conservation and Box Hill project, stop at a place called ‘Rajabhatkawa’ and spend your ticket. We also recall that in about 5 years, the king of Kochi Bihar promised to expel the king of Bhutan from the present Rajaphatkawa area and eat rice. After some time the King of Bhutan left the area and took the friendship of the King of Kochi Bihar, and the forest feast was arranged in the city. Since then the place is named Rajabhatkhawa. The cry of the cry in the crowd gives her a more desolate feeling than a sad call of doves. Sometimes on the streets of the deserted forest, there is silence – not in fear of ghosts, but in silence.

The silence and strangeness mentioned that the importance of forestry is not possible if you do not feel the capacity and comfort of the forest. In the endless silence of deep forests, those who did not stand before the Tigers in the shadows are only a verdict on a southern rule or Gazi Kalou. Seeing two people in the forest circle laughing at the boundless deserts of deep forests sometimes stirs our minds – we breathe words. Then go to the Baxa Mountains to capture the deepest forest in the darkest part of the brain.Suddenly the forest begins to loosen a bit. The large presence of Sigotian gangs confined to wide-eyed lenses, rows of supergroups and the little black green square that I saw standing on top of a small inn! Go to Baxa Hill, a dense plain of the plain where the head and hill went from which the head was raised, and the name of the earth is Santalabari. The beautiful village as pictured. Forest management offices, Nepali houses, shops, and roadside visitors – this is Santalabari. Understandably, Nepali houses have manor facilities. The house can be chosen here for a fixed rent. When I got to Santalabari, it started raining with Khojshial’s marriage. The two of us entered a Nepali shop and played a delicious Nepali Momo. Talk to the shop owner. He shakes his head after hearing from Bangladesh. I understand I’m not the only Bangladeshi here. The small shop is not a crowd. So it’s not a problem to wait until the rain stops. Nepali children look good. Sitting in the store, I see Samanta Toktek talking to Nepali children.

We also woke up when the sun stopped raining. We are planning to move from Boxa to Lapchakha at the top of the hill. With a pure oxygen-filled lung, it slowly began to rise in the mountains, and one leg was accompanied by a brown-brown female dog. Whoever goes this way, the village dogs or their companion are like a trip to Yodshithira! Mountain roads are not steep. Against gravity, I’m telling the body. The entire body mass on the knee slowly doubled. The dense forests and hawks of Baxa Hills are in our eyes. On the left side of the road, rivers flow through the end of the deep valley – the sound of streams flowing. There are hundreds of names, including rice and rice that stand around me – the old trees of the forest that advertise this forest. If these ancient trees and rivers tell ancient stories of cities, the history of the world must be rewritten. In the middle of the day, shrimp, doves, birds, and unknown birds are connected in the forest. The two of us sweat in the dense heat of the dense forest. Will not move. The chest box explodes, and the amount of sweat looks like it will be dehydrated right now. You must stop. After jumping with two fingers of water at the base of an old tree fell, it seemed I was still alive. No more daring to move forward in the intense heat – looking at old trees that tend to base the tree.

Every tree here is different in smell, the smell of mountain forests is different, the sound of the mountain river is heard from afar, and the color of the sky differs from the dense green leaves. With the extreme silence of the forest, it can be easily distinguished from the smell of each smell. Sumanta and I descended from the high mountains to smell that smell. So my first trip resulted in death! Without wasting time, the bike ran on the banks of the Jayanti River. When the ban was called on the hill, this moment became spoiled. Standing on the beach was Jainti Hills in the remote Kale. I know that Bhutan is the happiest country on earth after this mountain. The cheetah and elephant soon fell in retreat before the sunset. Samant said, a few days ago after seeing a red helmet in a dark green context, he jumped out of the tiger tree and beheaded a motorcycle climbing on this only road in the forest! How to get there The easiest route from Bangladesh to Douar North Bengal is crossing the Fulbari border in India via Panchagarh to Siliguri. From there by train or bus to Alipurduar or Kochi Bihar. From there, Boxa Tiger Conservation and Boxa Hills. Or easy going to Dooars even with the Burimari border. Apart from this, the train from Kolkata to Alipurduar. From there, Baxa Hills. Winter is the perfect time to visit the Baxa Mountains and forests. Due to the breeding season of animals, travel is stopped from April to October.

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