Tuesday, 25 Jun 2019
Category: Best Travel Place In Banderbon

I did not want to leave the torn island

At the bottom of the map of Bangladesh, the number of tiny tangled spherical globular spheres seen in the bottom of the map, the last of its name is the scattered island. I did not know about the news- there is no place to live-on-torn island. A 5-kilometer-wide way from St. Martin’s main ghat. Some […]

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What is the Kattli Bill!

The journey from Dighinalala to Nasimala started at 9am in Rangamati Langadu upazila. One hour long way. So it was already arranged in an engine boat. The boat was waiting for Longguru Hospital. He started in the boat, our Kattli journey. Some of the companions sit on the boats, and sit in the boat. It […]

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Shower rides of rain

Forest of remote hilly areas. Various species of trees are filled with plantations. Suddenly the sounds are heard. Two fountains after going ahead. The water is falling down on a rocky hill. The names of the fountains are Bishcherkund and Mamurakund. Dry season is running. In the meantime, the rain has been long ago. The […]

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