Tuesday, 25 Jun 2019
Category: Best Travel Place In Borisal

Speaking of bamboo velocity

It was late in the winter in the cold winter afternoon, even though it was delayed. The reason was, of course, many of the 21-strong party were unaware of adventure. Long night jogra journey on it- Bandarban bus from Dhaka. From there to the light of the morning on the moon car thanchi. When the […]

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Traveling Elijah is now in Barisal

Tourism and archeology researcher Eliza Bint Elahi came to the Barisal division tour. He started his journey from Bhola on 22 March, his southern tour. In the six districts of the revolving section You will see all the traditional heritage of these districts. Elisha came to Bhola from Barisal on Saturday night. Today will leave […]

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